Hey Shelfies! Let’s talk genre …

There’s been some confusion and discussion about what books fall under the genres we cover here at Romantic Fantasy Shelf. So, behind the scenes, we’ve been working on something to help clarify things for everyone.

And now we’re ready to reveal it.

From the start, Romantic Fantasy Shelf has been about a particular segment of the fantasy genre that includes romance.

We didn’t want this to be another paranormal romance (PNR) or urban fantasy (UF) group, because while they’re great genres, they’re already served by loads of other reader groups. We wanted to create a space for our favourite grouping of sub-genres – secondary world fantasy with differing degrees of romance.

This includes:

  • Fantasy books set in secondary worlds with a strong romantic plotline. (Romantic fantasy.)
  • Romance books set in secondary fantasy worlds. (Fantasy romance.)
  • Reverse harem variants of romantic fantasy and fantasy romance.
  • Romantic fantasy and fantasy romance books set in magical/fantasy versions of pre-1900-ish earth. (This one can be a bit of a grey area, so consult the tool below and feel free to ask if you’re unsure whether a book qualifies.)

So, the admin team has created a flow chart to help you identify what sub-genre a book falls into and whether it’s one of the sub-genres we cover at RFS.

LIGHT BLUE boxes are for genres we don’t cover here at RFS.
ORANGE boxes are for genres covered by RFS.
WHITE boxes contain examples of books in those genres.

Find (and comment on!) the original post by Clare Sager here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/romanticfantasyshelf/permalink/2499698100112160
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