Oh it’s a good time to be a lover of romantic fantasy and fantasy romance! Now I know you’re probably here for the great deals, and oh goodness, we do have a lot of them.

But just in case you like gift cards and crowns, you’ll want to make sure you stop by our group Romantic Fantasy Shelf for more prizes and fun events. We’re currently running an absolutely amazing reading competition that you can join in on here.

The deals on this page will be running at different times and are under the purview of the individual authors. Some start on the 24th and others start on the 26th. The end dates will vary as well, some concluding on the 26th and some on November 30th.

We’ve also got the start of some new releases for the first half of 2022. This list is going to be updated as we head toward January 1, but for a sneak peek of what’s on the way, have a look here.

(Also if you’re in the mood for urban fantasy romance, paranormal romance, alien romance, sci fantasy romance, science fiction romance, and more, make sure to head over here for some more incredible deals!)


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