Good day to you, dear Shelfies! 

It is our great pleasure as admins to announce the Blizzard of Book Boyfriends. 

This reading challenge will run from today all the way to the first day of spring, March 19, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST. 

Prizes are currently being gathered up, and we’ll let you know after we find out what those are going to be. I do guarantee lots of books, gift cards, and some other fun items. 

The Event!

So what is this event, you might ask? 

Well, this is a challenge where you read and review and/or promote as many books as you can throughout the time of this challenge. Here are the categories where you can win (and Authors of RFS, make sure to check out what’s happening in the author side of things because we have a special prize just for you). 

You can only win one of these prizes or its runner-up. We want to be able to reward as many people as possible. If you win more than one, we will either award you the one with the highest value or let you choose which one you would prefer in the event they are equal. 


Most Books Read – the winner of this prize will have accumulated the most book-related points throughout the course of the competition

Luck of the Draw – the winner of this prize will be drawn at random from all entries but must have read and reviewed at least one book 

Most New Authors To Reader – the winner of this prize will have accumulated the most book-related points involving authors new to the reader

Most Supportive – the winner of this prize will have submitted the most shoutouts for RFS


This will be updated with an official prize post and page as soon as we have that finalized. There will be guaranteed gift cards for each of the winners and runners-up of each category.  

Point Accumulation

So how does one gain points? Well! I am so glad that you asked. 

This is the point breakdown. 

  • Indie bonus (+1)
  • Any qualifying book read based on KENP (+1 per 100 KENP) + review posted somewhere
    • Round up if over 50, round down if under 50
    • If you have already reviewed the book or do not wish to review the book for any reason on a public platform, you can also gain these points by sharing about the book on social media 
  • Completed series read and reviewed (+3 points, not based on number of books)
    • If you have read and reviewed the first couple books before this, you can still claim the series bonus as long as you follow through on all the rest of the books in the series 
    • If the series is not completed but you read and review all available ones, then you can receive +2 points
  • Author new to reader (+1)
  • Shoutout RFS (+1 per week for each platform) 

Point Qualifications

To qualify for your points, here’s what we need from you in your qualifying posts: 

  • Be a member of Romantic Fantasy Shelf
  • Use #RFS2021
  • Share a screenshot of your review wherever it might be (this is vital; last time we did links, and some of those did not work which caused a lot of problems) in this group
  • Share an Amazon link to the book so that we can check the KENP. (The book doesn’t need to be EXCLUSIVE to Amazon, but it MUST be available as an ebook on Amazon to qualify.)
  • Also add #Indie if the author is an indie (we’ll double-check it, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure or have questions)
  • Also add #New if the author is new to you (new to you means here that you have not read a whole book by the author before)
  • Also add #CompletedSeries if this is a completed series you have finished reading and reviewing; the +3 will be applied only for the last book, not each book in the series

For any of the social media shoutouts, you will need to include #RFS2021 in both your social media shoutout and in the screenshot you share here. Note that you MUST add the qualifying tags and information in your post, or else your entry will NOT be counted! This is VERY important!!!

Qualifying social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. If you have one that is not listed here, feel free to run it by us. We’ll probably say yes. Though I don’t recommend promoting most romantic fantasy or fantasy romance on places such as Parler. 😉 

When sharing RFS, we ask that you share the link to the group so folks can join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/romanticfantasyshelf 

Additional Rules

You are welcome to write any review you choose for the books that you read or reread during this time. However, because we have a lot of authors here in the group, if your review is three stars or lower or contains harsh words toward the author or characters, send it to one of the admins instead via PM to have it counted. 

You will need to update the group regularly with the books read instead of holding them until the end. You will only be able to submit five books each day. We don’t want anyone to wait until the last week and then pour out dozens, both to keep things fair and to keep the workload from getting out of control for the admins. If you submit more than that on any given day, then only the first five submitted will be counted for that day. 

It is on you to make sure that the books you have chosen qualify. If they are urban fantasy or paranormal romance or another genre that does not fit here, you will receive no points. You are more than welcome to tag any of the admins (names at the bottom of this post) to ask either privately or here in the group. We’re more than happy to help you sort things out. 

You have a 24-hour grace period after the end of the competition to submit your final totals, but bear in mind that you will not be able to add more than five books on a single given day. 

More News Coming Soon

We’ve got all sorts of grand things planned for this reading challenge. Not only do we hope you find a whole bunch of amazing new books and incredible authors, but we are going to be having takeovers, random giveaways, and other fun surprises. 

So we’ll keep you posted, and you keep on reading!

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