Bernadette Rowley’s Queenmakers Saga is high fantasy romance set in the world of Thorius. Sword and sorcery with a hearty dose of romance feature heavily in these stories with different couples through their challenges, quests, and development.

If you like sets, you can get a boxset with the first four books here.

Have a look at this blurb!

An epic fantasy box set with over 1200 pages of sexy romance, magic and political intrigue.

The saga begins with PRINCESS AVENGER

A princess in disguise. A shifter with a hidden agenda. Will they uncover the truth in time for romance to blossom?

Alecia Zialni has sworn revenge against her father for having her first love murdered. Masquerading as a man to pursue her vendetta, the prince’s headstrong daughter is soon in over her head. And when her handsome rescuer is assigned as her protector, her secret double life becomes complicated by their rapidly growing chemistry.

Captain Vard Anton struggles to control his budding lust for the determined princess he’s supposed to defend. And as an animal shapeshifter charged with killing her father, he knows he can never reveal his true identity. But the violent beast form he cannot master threatens to expose him and risk her safety.

As her feelings for Vard continue to bloom, Alecia is devastated when she’s betrothed to a lecherous lord. And wracked with guilt over his ultimate mission, Vard fears there is no way for them to ever be together. But her obsession with vengeance may be the death of them both…

Can Alecia and Vard topple a tyrant to join their destinies and their hearts?

Princess Avenger is the thrilling first book in the Queenmakers Saga epic fantasy romance series. If you like strong heroines, sexy shifters, and forbidden passion, then you’ll adore Bernadette Rowley’s enchanting adventure.

Also, Bernadette narrated her own first book, Princess Avenger. You can find it now on Audible and on all other large audiobook platforms.

She has more stories upcoming in the latter half of 2021, and we’re all so excited to see more of her stories hit the shelves. Follow her on her Amazon page to get notified when these are released! And be sure to check out her website for more updates as they come.

So join us in giving her a great round of applause. We are beyond blessed and delighted with the tremendous author community here at the Romantic Fantasy Shelf, and we can’t wait to share more of our lovely community storytellers with you. Have a wonderful day!

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