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Jessica M. Butler is an adventurer, author, and attorney who never outgrew her love for telling stories and playing in imaginary worlds. She is the author of the epic romantic fantasy series Tue-Rah Chronicles along with many other fantasy stories set within the same worlds. She lives with her husband and law partner, James Fry, in rural Indiana where they are quite happy with their five cats and all of the wildlife and trees.

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Miranda Honfleur is a born-and-raised Chicagoan living in Indianapolis with her husband and their two dogs. She grew up on fantasy and science fiction novels, spending nearly as much time in Valdemar, Pern, Tortall, and Middle Earth as in reality. In another life, her J.D. and M.B.A. were meant to serve a career in law, but now she gets to live her dream job: writing speculative fiction with a generous (over)dose of romance. Her work includes Blade and Rose, a six-book romantic epic fantasy series, and The Dark-Elves of Nightbloom standalone fantasy romances. With over 250,000 books sold, Miranda has been toying with readers’ hearts and apologizing for crushing them since 2017.  Website | Newsletter | Instagram | Facebook | Reader Group | TikTok 


Catharine Glen is a romantic fantasy author residing in New England. Her favorite kinds of stories take place in faraway worlds with unforgettable characters, plenty of romance, adventure, magic and the supernatural. She tends to get immersed in all things Japanese, reading, Lego, and possibly consumes a bit too much coffee and tea. She’s also a wife to a loving husband and a mom to two children and a spirited Jack Russell.

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Clare Sager is a lifelong fantasy reader, former English teacher, and corsetière. Her fate was set the day she was gifted a DragonLance graphic novel – after that, there was no hope for her to be anything other than a fantasy author. She writes fantasy adventures full of action, intrigue, and romance. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading, making corsets, obsessing over the 18th century, or laughing at cats/photos of cats. She lives in Nottingham, Robin Hood country, so it’s no surprise she writes about characters who don’t always play by the rules.

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Monica Enderle Pierce and her characters have been kicking the crap out of evil since 2012. She writes romantic fantasy, fantasy romance, and romantic science fiction. Her stories are filled with strong women, smart men, love, adventure, and magic. She has an English literature degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and she lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, their daughter, and two sweet kitties. When she’s not sending characters into bed or battle, she’s reading minds, seeing through walls, and reveling in the glorious Pacific Northwest rain.

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Carissa Broadbent has been concerning teachers and parents with mercilessly grim tales since she was roughly nine years old. Since then, her stories have gotten (slightly) less depressing and (hopefully a lot?) more readable. Today, she writes fantasy novels with lots of magic and kissing. She works as a cybersecurity marketing professional during the harsh light of day, and is also a visual artist. She lives with her fiance, one very well behaved rabbit, one very poorly behaved rabbit, and one perpetually skeptical cat in Rhode Island.

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