Time: 10/15 – 12/13 at 11:59 PM EST.

Books: any of the 12 books listed in this grid below attached

Goal: read as many as you can; each book and bingo gets you extra points and extra chances to win

What Can You Win:
The winners will be selected at random using the points/tickets to identify the winners.

First Prize is a $15 gift card. If in the US or UK, this will be an Amazon gift card. If not, then we’ll find a way to get you a Visa gift card or something similar. You will also receive a surprise hardcover book, which will be mailed to you.

Second Prize and Third Prize are surprise ebooks, which will be announced at the time of winning.

Is This Open Internationally:
Yes indeed! Now, if you are outside the US or the UK, it may take us a little more time to get you your prize, but we’ll get it figured out.

How Can You Win:
Winners will be selected at random from the pot of points in the raffle. No purchase is necessary. A lot of these books are available for free, KU, and also through libraries. And past books read may be entered so long as you follow the instructions.

How Do You Get Points
1) each book you read from this list + prove that you have read gets you a point that goes in the raffle

2) each bingo gets you bonus points; you get bingo by getting all the books in a single row either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal

How Do You Prove You’ve Read a Book:
1) write a review and drop a link to your review or write a review (if you use a service like Audible, take a screenshot or verify that your direct link connects

2) if you have already read and reviewed these books, you can still gain the point by sharing your review somewhere on social media and dropping a link here. Screenshots are also fine.

Important: Make sure that you post in this thread your links to your reviews/social media posts. This thread will be pinned as an announcement, and you can also find it through #RFS2019Raffle

You will have to be part of the Romantic Fantasy Shelf group, so if you aren’t, join us here.

1) 1 book equals 1 point

2) the very first reader to get a confirmed long bingo (4 books) gets 30 bonus points

3) the very first reader to get a confirmed short bingo (3 books) gets 25 bonus points

4) every subsequent reader who gets a confirmed long bingo (4 books) gets a bonus 20 points

5) every subsequent reader who gets a confirmed short bingo (3 books) gets a bonus 15 points

1 point = 1 ticket in the raffle

Eligible Books

These links are connected to the RFS Amazon affiliate account, which helps to cover costs for the website, hosting, etc.

You do not have to use these affiliate links and no purchase is necessary to participate.

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